Mom & Tots Breakfast #2

Armature Works 

brought all the local wonderful Mommies and Daddies

a breakfast with their little one's that was unforgettable! 


 On a beautiful and sunny Wednesday morning on April 25th from 9:30am until 11:00pm little ones danced, sang and clapped their hands to the amazing talents of Mr. Tommy! 


Mommies and daddies sat closely by as they watched their littles ones enjoy a morning of complete bliss.


With over 300 in attendance, Armature Works' Mom and Tots Breakfast allowed for children to make friends as they chased bubbles and followed along with Mr. Tommy!


The day was absolutely magical and the children were all smiles! 


Thank you Armature Works for this beautiful event! 

Below you'll find the link to your images from our event! 


-->Armature Works Mom & Tots Breakfast Collection #2 <--



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